Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thing #8

Okay, I think this has been my most challenging Thing thus far. Not so much because of the set-up, which I chose Google Reader, just because Google has been so easy for everything else, or looking for RSS feeds that I m interested in. It is the actual reading of those that I chose that I am a little overwhelmed with. I was super "gung-ho" before the holidays when I started working on this "Thing." Boom- the holidays hit and I did not visit my account for 2 1/2 weeks. Of course it is full, which freaked me out a little bit. I am slowly working through them, and realizing that I need to reevaluate the feeds that I selected.

I will admit this is the first time I have kept up to date with The Top Shelf (which always makes me smile because I think of Chili's Margaritas). Now that I have subscribed, I noticed an article there covering the Independent Investigation Model created by two GT teachers for research. With my New Jersey Writing re-certification approaching sooner than I would like to face, I am continually looking for up-to-date information on my topic. We are required to present some research that is published in the same year as we re-certify. This is always a challenge for all of us. I can see how RSS feeds will help me in my future re-certifications to find that new information leading to the big day.

What I would like to accomplish now is read up on everyone's RSS blog. I would like to see what everyone else has subscribed to, and to see what ideas they have as far as school benefits. I know this will be great for me because it will save me time looking for information I need. I just need to spend the time to select feeds that I TRULY want to keep up with.

I was "adventurous" and added a blogroll to my blog page. It referred to it as a "widget" which I hope to learn more about, too.I added my "Self-Help" blogroll to my blog page. With the new year brings in new diets!!!!!

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mmw said...

That's one thing about RSS feeds - the postings can add up quickly. The good thing, though, is that you are never really behind. Just skim and scan the post titles, read what you want and delete the rest. You can always just jump in where you want.

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