Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thing #22 Animoto

Animoto was, in fact, the easiest Thing ever. I think I had a video ready to go in about five minutes. It was late, so I just used the photos I had in my Iphoto folder from Children's Book Week. I am going to go back and link my Flickr account later. All of my music is on itunes, so I decided to upload one of Animoto's songs. I think I spent more time here, but it was fun listening to the different genres of music of various artists that they promote as up and coming.
This is something I would use all the time to put together quick photo videos together of research, library events, and even things at home. The problem is being able to share these with our teachers, parents, and students. Now that you have created US monsters, is it time we try a new type of web page design so we can utilize ALL of these great tools we have learned to work with?
I know we could create a My Space for our libraries, but even that would still be blocked at school. Lots to think about as we draw this project to a close.

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lyle.metzler said...

I like your idea of using Animoto to wrap up a field trip. I definitely want to try that with my kids! The filtering at school is a problem. I'm certain that as we work in our council of wise ones, some potential answers will appear.

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