Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thing #20 YouTube

In lieu of Super Bowl Sunday and all the great commercials that usually come from this weekend, I thought I would post my favorite football commercial out there right now. I always thought it would be hilarious to see a referee get a little more involved than they were supposed to.

As far as uses for the library, they are endless. I found conservation clips that my fourth grade tecahers could use. I just spoke with our music teacher just yesterday about how she uses YouTube to view different operas before our sixth graders attend their opera field trip. She was talking about how much of a pain it was to override the block. She is not afraid to override the filter, it just slows the process down. So many of my teachers are afraid to do this, I have made it a point to discuss the fact next year that they are allowed to override blocked sites that are appropriate for use in the classroom.

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