Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thing #18 Web 2.0 Award List

I have run through the entire list and have decided to post on several from the Web 2.0 award list. First, I came across Cocktail Builder under the Fun Stuff category. I really wasn't expecting it to be exactly what the title suggests, but guess what, it is. Designed after his girlfriend asked if there was a way to type in the ingredients found in their pantry and get a list of mixed drinks they could make, thus the birth of Cocktail Builder. Not exactly something needed in school, but what a great way to move those grade-level meetings back to your house.

Another Fun Stuff category was Fuzzmail which basically is an e mail type system that actually records the action of writing/typing so that the recipient sees the editing and changes you made before sending the email. I thought this would be awesome for kids to use to make the editing process concrete and visual, yet fun and unusual. I, on the other hand, type lousy, and will probably stick to traditional spell check emails.

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