Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thing #13

I really did think too much about this Thing when I read "Social Bookmarking." Wow- where has this feature been my whole life? I am constantly switching computers, whether it be my Dell at home, my personal Mac laptop, my school computers, or even my parents computer. What a fantastic feature that will forever change my "bookmarking."

Sine we started our LTP Web 2.0 project, the bookmark bar at the top of my Mac computers has become quite full. Now that really won't be as necessary. I can now just access my del.icio.us accont, and have every site I need for the LTP project, plus it won't matter what computer I am using.

I am also thinking how useful this will be when I am in attendance at various conferences. I will have access to all my needed sites, regardless of whose computer I am using. Plus, I can add any new sites that I am introduced to.

My husband was very intrigued by this "Thing." He teaches 8th. grade Social Studies, and he, too has many sites that he frequents. Recently, his personal laptop "bit the dust," and to say he was a little freaked out is an understatement. Social bookmarking will definitely make a difference when we have to commit to a new computer.

Last, I can't wait to create my bookmarks for my research units. I especially like the idea of us creating a unique TAG so we can all gain insight into effective bookmarks for our research units.

To me, this "Thing" supports that notion of: Why reinvent the wheel?

1 comment:

mmw said...

Excellent comments and insights into the uses of social bookmarking. You're doing great!

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