Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thing #16

Learning Through Play- Who wouldn't want to take part in that? I enjoyed reading through everyone's condensed contributions to the LTP sandbox. I added a couple of ideas that I thought would be helpful for teachers and librarians. We are using iGoogle to keep up with all the information we need each morning for the announcements, and I thought a Bluebonnet/Mockingbird Wikki would be a great place for teachers to add lesson ideas they think of when reading any of the books.

My biggest concern for any of these Things, especially Wikkis, is time. I know it sounds like an excuse when teachers say they do not have enough time. But I think it has gotten even harder for teachers since I left the regular classroom two years ago. I just think I will carefully choose which Wikis I think teacvhers would benefit from the most, and give it a try.

I do not think it will be hard at all to get students on board with contributing to a Wikki, or trying out any of the new Things we have learned about. I thought my library helpers could even keep up with a Wikki informing students and teachers of happenings in the library. The more informed teachers are of what is going on in the library, the more likely you are going to get new "customers" coming in for books, research, and information.

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CoolLibrarian said...

I love the idea of using students to help with a wiki for the library. I agree that teachers see this as more work and too time consuming. New ideas just take time to catch on.

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