Friday, February 1, 2008

Thing #21 Podcasting

Our library staff development introducing us to Podcasting left me wanting to learn as much as possible, in order to incorporate this into the library and classrooms. This activity just leaves your mind racing with the endless possibilities. I have been subscribed to the Radio Willoweb out of Omaha, Nebraska, "a podcast created for kids by kids," since our first podcasting class. Up to this point, all I have done is listened to the podcasts. Now I am ready to "dive" in and learn as much as I can about creating a podcast. I noticed all the background music they use, transitions, and how smooth each podcast sounds. Most importantly, I noticed all the different age groups that work on the podcast. My first plan is to create a 4th. grade podcast over the reasons for conservation of the rain forest and its resources.

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Left vs. Right: Which Side Are You?

Madison needs your help with her science fair project. If you would, please take a few minutes to complete a survey she created on Google Docs. As soon as she has the results, she will post them here on my Blog.