Friday, February 1, 2008

Thing #23 Creative Commons

Probably not the most entertaining "Things," but definitely a "Thing" I need to know a lot more about. No matter how much I read up, I never feel like I know enough about copyright and fair use. Each year when I present this to my teachers, I feel like a hypocrite, knowing that I probably do not know enough to feel confident enough in what knowledge I give them.

Not that I feel like that has all changed now, but I do feel better informed, and ready to present this information a little diferently next year. I really do not believe I have ever heard of Creative Commons, but I do know that this is a guideline we follow with New Jersey Writing, especially when we have to re-certify or when we teach in the summer. It is such a waste of time to recreate resources that you know someone out there has created, or you know you have just created the perfect tool that would benefit others. This is the perfect way to share your creations and find creations, but the proper attributes are being given.

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