Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thing #7

I was never aware that Google had so much to offer. I have always listened to the secondary teachers complain about having limited access or having to override to utilize Google, but I thought "What is the big deal?" Well, after playing extensively with iGoogle, I now know what the big deal is.

Being in charge of the morning announcements, like most of us are, I always feel rushed to help my announcers find all the information they needed, especially the top box office movies. After looking at all the options on iGoogle, my announcers helped decide what we needed to have access to, and set our page up.

We are utilizing: weather, sports, box office movies, quotes of the day, in the news, Did You Know, and they also chose a few things, just for fun, that we don't use for announcements.

1 comment:

mmw said...

That's a great way to use iGoogle with your students. thanks for sharing it!

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