Sunday, December 9, 2007

Thing #6

Just when I think I have found my favorite "Thing," I move on to the next assignment, and I have even more fun with it. For this "thing," I created a trading card for Madison's basset hound, Quencey, used Spell with Flickr for my VW bug, created a softball collage with Mosaic Maker, and a few other things.

I had the perfect opportunity to think about school uses when Dennis complained about not having time or a "worthy" enough reason to take his 8th. grade social studies classes to the computer lab. I fired up Flickr Toys and my blog, and showed him some of the features that he could teach his students, along with the computer tech. I thought he could use the trading cards for his explorer unit, and then he thought of using the trading cards for the key players in his Constitutional Convention lesson.
They also have access to the mobile laptops, so I reminded him that he didn't have to "take" them to the lab, he could bring the lab to his class.

I am afraid that "the test" has had a negative impact on our students getting the opportunities to experiment with all the new technologies. I hope this project will help me gain insight and provide my teachers with new technologies that will give them "worthy" reasons to make it down to the computer lab.

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