Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thing #4

1. Daily Research- Every year I try to think back to what we liked or didn't like about a research unit. I always talk with the teachers after the unit, but I thought to Blog each day about how the research went, what worked, didn't work, etc. would give us all a way to post feedback and help us remember.

2. Happenings In the Library- Keep up with a Blog that would reflect on what classes are coming into the library to do. This would be a great way to "win over" some classes that do not come as ofetn as other classes. Plus this gives teachers and administrators ideas of ways to utilize the library.

3. Bluebonnet/Mockingbird Log- Now that our campus is reading old and new Bluebonnet and Mockingbird books all year long, a Blog would be a great way for students to communicate about their reading, younger classes to post activities and responses to their reading, and a place for other students to read about a book they were interested in.

4. Calendar of happenings in the library

5. Book Club and Book Talks

6. Reading/Writing/Listening/Thinking Connections for teachers to utilize

7. Promethean Blog- WIth our campus being the test campus for mounted Promethean boards in all classrooms, a Blog about ways that Promethean boards are being used in the classroom, new lessons, and even student responses to Promethean lessons.

1 comment:

mmw said...

great ideas for using blogs - I love them all, but especially the one about documenting what happens during your research units.

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