Friday, November 30, 2007

Thing #10

Even though I am usually a very random person, when I work on projects, I seem to become much more sequential. However, after looking at several of your Blogs, I went straight to Image Chef to "play" a little. I can see these tools as really spicing up and adding variety to all of our websites. My students are in the middle of a Planet Contest where they create a new mnemonic device to help students ages 5-11 remember the order of the planets. Once I "play" a little more and learn how to post one of these little gems to my website, I think that is how I will announce the winner, and even display some of the other entries, as well.

After endless choices, I chose the Taxi Cab for a little Galloway advertising. And the Danger sign speaks for itself to anyone with a kid(s) in the house.

1 comment:

Teresa said...

You did a great job with all your images! I think this "thing" may have been my favorite -- and the hardest one to put an end to once I got started! I love your Hollywood Star! Every actor's dream!

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